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Identification and analysis of ribonuclease P and MRP RNA in a broad range of eukaryotes

Paul Piccinelli, Magnus Alm Rosenblad & Tore Samuelsson
Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, Göteborg University, Sweden

Submitted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research on April 20 2005.
Accepted for publication 21 July 2005.
Published online 8 August 2005.
Nucleic Acids Research 2005 Vol. 33, No. 14: 4485-4495.


Access sequence and structure data. NOTE: Structures may be preliminary.

Table with accession numbers for sequences where P and MRP genes have been found.

CR-I and CR-V sequences used in conserved motif profiles: P CR-I, P CR-V, MRP CR-I, MRP CR-V, species (based on unique sequences).

Alignment of conserved motif in MRP RNA domain 2, following CR-I.

Primary sequence alignment of P and MRP RNA in Babesia bovis.

2005-08-08: C.reinhardtii MRP structure updated with 6 bp P2 and elongated P19.
2005-06-14: Updated C.hominis P RNA structure, updated Cryptosporidium P RNA sequences.
2005-06-13: Added Tetrahymena P RNA (sequence and structure).
2005-06-13: Updated apicomplexan MRP structures: B.bovis, T.gondii, T.annulata and E.tenella.

June 13, MAR